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Diplomatic Relations and to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations since the last report of the Secretary General in July 2012 (A/67/126 we call again upon all States that have not yet. The Member States of the European Union thank the Secretary General for presenting the 2014 Annual Report on the implementation of osce recruitment policies to the Permanent Council. The EU, acknowledging the severe impact of the crisis, has provided over the last three years more than 240 million euros of humanitarian and development aid to Jordan, in support of the refugees and the host communities. The EU wishes to thank Director General Amano and the Secretariat for the documents provided for this meeting and in particular the Agencys Proposed Programme for 2015 as contained in document GOV/2014/52. We welcome the recent osce Study on National Action Plans on the implementation of the unscr 1325. Madam Chair, The Board of Governors, in its resolution of, reported Syrias non-compliance with its Safeguards Agreement to the Security Council and General Assembly of the United Nations and called upon Syria to remedy urgently this non-compliance. To that end the European Commission released immediate emergency funding of EUR.5 million to unrwa's operations to deliver life-saving assistance to Palestinian refugees in Syria through cash and emergency relief items. Strengthening of a pluralistic civil society. The conference sent a strong message on the necessity to bring a fundamental and durable change to the Gaza Strip, as a return to the status quo which existed prior to the latest conflict is not an option.

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A particular emphasis is placed on the promotion of interfaith/intercultural dialogue as well as promoting the most effective conflict prevention measures. We need a robust SMM working at full capacity and with full and free access to independently monitor and verify developments, without any external pressure, including in all parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and along the border with Russia. The European Union calls upon all actors to refrain from using cluster munitions and to observe the principles of international humanitarian law. Finally, Mr Chairman, the EU requests that the Director General keeps the Board of Governors informed about this issue and maintains this item on the agenda of its meetings until Syria fully cooperates with the Agency to resolve the international community's concerns. For the European Union the NPT is the cornerstone of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime, the essential foundation for the pursuit of nuclear disarmament in accordance with Article VI and an important element in the further development of nuclear energy applications for peaceful purposes. This affects the employment possibilities, career development, pay and lives of girls and women as well as of boys and men, often with negative repercussions for girls and women. The Union of today has evolved and adapted to contemporary circumstances, but the Coal petites annonces de cul and Steel Community, and then the EEC, were created with the hope that never again would Europe be destroyed by war.

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